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AMIG8248 CHROME SHEETS 280x195 mm

Цена: 990 руб.
AMIG8248 CHROME SHEETS 280x195 mm
Артикул: AMIG8248
Наличие на складе: Да
Подробное описание:

Self- Adhesive Chrome Sheets. Very easy to use, simply unroll the tape and cut a piece of the required size. Clean the surface thoroughly with alcohol, remove the white protective paper and fix the Adhesive Chrome Sheet in the chosen location. To adapt it to the surface, press with a cotton swab or rubber brush until the sheet conforms perfectly to the details underneath. Never use metal tools for this purpose to avoid damaging the sheet, take special care to remove any air bubbles that remain trapped under the surface. You can cut the leftover sheet with a sharp fine-tipped blade.

You can apply any type of paint over the chrome sheet, as well as use any type of weathering product.

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